"Gloriously evocative music...gorgeous sound"
Petroc Trelawny, BBC Radio3


Cynthia's Revels

Music and words from Elizabethan England featuring Fantasias by the great William Byrd, Anthony Holborne and Alfonso Ferrabosco, the beautiful Pavan Lachrymae by John Dowland, lively dance music by Thomas Morley alongside lesser known composers Elway Bevin and Hugh Ashton. Performed on a beautiful renaissance consort of recorders made by Thomas Prescott after 16th century instruments in the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum. The poetry and readings give a glimpse into courtly life during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Music for the Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots received her education in France and in 1559 she became Queen Consort of France. On returning to Scotland to assume the throne, she brought her own musicians with her from the French court. This programme illustrates her dramatic life in music demonstrating the important connection between these two countries in the 16th century with exquisite gems from the Scottish Wode Part books contrasted with lively French dances from publications by Attaignant. The music is interspersed with the poetry and words of the ill-fated queen, her cousin Elizabeth I and other characters from 16th Century Scotland.

Theatre and Fantasy

Phantasies, aires and chaconys from 17th century London by the great Henry Purcell and contemporary Matthew Locke. Recorders and theorbo combine to play chaconnes and dance numbers from the theatre works Abdelazer, King Arthur, Dido and Aeneas, Psyche and Dioclesian. Purcell's wonderfully rich Fantazias with their astonishing chromaticisms feature alongside Locke's Consort Suites, whilst 17th century gems for guitar by the Italian musician Corbetta dazzle the listener.

De la Salle

A diverse programme of contemporary music from around the globe ranging from meditative Estonian minimalism by Arvo Pärt to the exotic Japanese sound world of Hirose and Ishii. Commissions by British composers Leo Chadburn and David Murphy are performed alongside Ekimowskij's amazing Kites Flying and Terry Riley's famous work In C (rarely heard on recorders).

Flauti di camera

Virtuosic music from the 18th century when the recorder was at the height of its popularity. Featuring dazzling concerti by Telemann and Vivaldi, incredible fugues by JS Bach, exquisite chamber music by Handel and Loeillet as well as intriguing works by the prolific woodwind composer and arranger Schickhardt.


In this programme of ancient and modern repertoire, contemporary works that have a direct link back to the medieval and renaissance are juxtaposed with the music that inspired them. Edmund Rubbra was influenced by both Josquin and Machaut and quoted their music in his own works for recorder. Arvo Pärt spent many years studying Palestrina and Machaut and their influence can be heard in his piece for recorder quartet Pari Intervallo.

Northern Lights

Ancient and modern music from the most northerly reaches of Europe featuring works by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, Denmark's Bo Andersen, Scotland's Alastair Stout together with medieval works from Iceland, Scotland and Scandinavia.

Pipes a-plenty

A family concert featuring the Flautadors most popular repertoire. Spanning eight centuries this programmes includes a bit of jazz, folk, medieval, Bach and Tudor tunes played on the full range of recorders from every era totalling over 30 instruments from the huge contra bass to the tiny garklein.

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